Brooke Shields Reveals She’s Healed Following Breaking Her Femur Last Year

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Brooke Shields is completely healed!

The 56-year-old actress shared a new update on her recovery process following shattering her femur during a freak accident last year.

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Brooke caught up with People on their podcast, and revealed that her bone is “all healed and everything is sort of where it should be, and I don’t walk with a limp anymore, but my strength is really compromised.”

She added that the long recovery has been a lesson for her.

“I thought I had my strength back until I started to try to do certain things,” she said. “So now I have to sort of amp that up a little bit.”

Brooke is pictured at the 2022 Tribeca Ball alongside Naomi Watts and Kenny Scharf on Tuesday night (April 19) in New York City.

Check out 15+ pictures of Brooke Shields and Naomi Watts in the gallery below…

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