Chairman of the Tabanan DPRD Supports MSMEs at the Bali Rising IKM Exhibition – 1NEWS

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Beritabali/ist/Chairman of the Tabanan DPRD Gives Support to MSMEs at the Bali Bangkit IKM Exhibition.

The chairman of the Tabanan DPRD, I Made Dirga, and his staff visited the third stage of the Bali Bangkit IKM exhibition at Taman Budaya, Art Center, Denpasar, Wednesday (20/4).
In addition to seeing exhibitions in the form of fashion and handicraft products, the PDI Perjuangan politician from Banjar Sakeh, Sudimara Village also tasted MSME products, Tabanan’s specialty culinary, namely Kedai Binggo.

“Intentionally inviting the staff so that they can join in the fun and at the same time provide support. Moreover, one of the famous culinary origins from Tabanan also exists, namely Kedai Binggo, “he said.

He considered culinary to be one of the economic drivers during the pandemic. Dirga said, one of which is Kedai Binggo, which is located at Banjar Cengolo, Sudimara Village, which has been widely known by culinary lovers in Bali.

In total, there are eight exhibition stands that serve culinary origins from Tabanan with various preparations.

“Culinary matters must have its own characteristics. If it is suitable with the taste of wanting to be anywhere, the community will be chased, “he said.

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