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A Tugboat Bojoma caught fire on the Batanghari River, Jambi. The ship fire killed a crew member or crew.
Now the case of the burning ship is being handled by investigators from the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) of the Jambi Police.

The police have also examined a number of witnesses related to the fire incident on the Tugboat Bojoma 2906 which killed a crew member (ABK) and injured another person on the Batanghari River, Jambi.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Jambi Police, Kombes Pol. Christian Tory said the Tugboat Bojoma 2906 caught fire while refueling on the banks of the Batanghari River, Kunangan Village, Tamanrajo District, Muarojambi Regency, Tuesday (19/4), from a tanker truck loaded with diesel oil.

At least three people have been questioned regarding the incident, namely the driver of a tanker truck with the initials DR, the captain of the ship, and the crew of the ship. The tank driver fled when the Tugboat Bojoma 2906 caught fire, panicking when the fire broke out.

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