Contract Extended, PSIS Semarang wing-back Taufik Hidayat can’t wait to play in Jatidiri | 1NEWS

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Last season’s PSIS Semarang full-back, Taufik Hidayat, was just one step away from being officially announced that his contract would be extended by PSIS management.

According to Taufik Hidayat, he and PSIS management have communicated and agreed to extend the contract next season.

The certainty that Taufik Hidayat will return to the PSIS costume has made the stock of wing-back Mahesa Jenar even stronger.

Apart from Taufik, several full-back names who will still be wearing PSIS costumes are Frendi Saputra, Fredyan Wahyu Sugiantoro, to Alfeandra Dewangga Santosa.

For Taufik and PSIS, the two parties collaborated again in the middle of last season.

At that time, Taufik was brought in from PSIM Yogyakarta to patch up the wing-back sector left by Pratama Arhan to Japan, and also as a back-up for Fredyan Wahyu who suffered a long injury last season.

Previously, Taufik was the mainstay of PSIS in the Liga 2 era. He was also one of the heroes when it returned the pride of the people of Semarang City to League 1 in 2017.

Taufik said he couldn’t wait to immediately strengthen PSIS next season. Moreover, the team he will be defending will use the newly renovated cage, the Jatidiri Stadium.

After going through a total renovation process, the Jatidiri Stadium is reportedly ready to be used by PSIS in League 1 next season.

Of course for Taufik, the Jatidiri Stadium has many memories in this iconic stadium when he played there.

When he returned to compete at the Jatidiri Stadium, Taufik wanted to bring PSIS to win every match.

“My hope for PSIS in tomorrow’s competition, seeing that it has returned to the Jatidiri Stadium, must have high hopes to win every match. Especially in front of our fans and being at the top. Thank goodness for the League 1 Champion bonus,” said Taufik to, Monday (4/18/2022).

Besides Taufik, another player whose contract may be extended is winger from Medan, Rachmad Hidayat.

Personally, Rachmad even said that his main priority was to extend the contract at PSIS Semarang.

Rachmad Hidayat was brought in by PSIS management in the middle of last season.

His presence is expected to sharpen Mahesa Jenar’s front line.

During his PSIS costume, Rachmad Hidayat has played 14 matches, contributing one goal and one assist.

“For the status of next season, there has been communication with management. Pray that everything goes smoothly and that we can return to Semarang to strengthen PSIS,” said Rachmad when contacted.

“My priority still remains at PSIS next season,” he explained.

Currently, PSIS management has not yet announced which players will be retained or whose contracts will be extended after the League 1 competition ended last season.

It’s just that PSIS has so far introduced two new players, namely Taisei Marukawa and Carlos Fortes. Two Liga 1 superstars last season.

On the other hand, PSIS was rumored by several social media accounts related to a number of new players who would be brought in, both local and foreign, including Oktafianus Fernando, Delfin Rumbino, Guntur Triaji, and Alie Sesay.

Until now, PSIS management has not made a statement regarding a number of rumors linking PSIS with these players. (Central Java Tribune)


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