Dinda Hauw Was Reluctant to Socialize After Miscarriage, Rey Mbayang’s Way of Encouraging Impressed

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Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Dinda Hauw recently miscarried twin fetuses in her womb. As a husband, Rey Mbayang admitted that he needed to strengthen his wife so that she would not feel prolonged sadness.

To the media crew, Dinda Hauw admitted that he had felt deep sorrow. In fact, for some time he chose not to be active on social media.

“The name is lost, yes. Yes, I didn’t want to accept chat from people,” said Dinda Hauw in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, recently.

Luckily, Dinda has a husband who can strengthen her. As much as possible, Rey Mbayang gave his wife an understanding to remain grateful in every calamity experienced.

Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw (Seno/1NEWS)

“What is certain is that I always tell him, whatever it is, I’m grateful because it’s the best,” said Rey Mbayang.

“Sometimes humans judge too much, even though that is not what is destined. When you are pregnant with twins, you have to be grateful. Yes, even though the fetus is already in God’s lap, it is the one who survives the lesson in maintaining what is entrusted to him. He always accepts his husband’s input,” continued Rey Mbayang.

From there, Dinda learned to let her twins go. No matter how much sadness you experience, according to Dinda, life must continue according to what God has destined.

“Back again, you can’t be sad, you have to keep going and moving, keep movingsaid Dinda Hauw.


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