Dinda Hauw’s Confession, Miscarriage Twins Did Come Out of Plan

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Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw (Seno/tabloidbintang.com)

1NEWS – Dinda Hauw shared a little touching story about her twins who had a miscarriage some time ago. Dinda Hauw admitted that her second pregnancy was not planned.

This was conveyed by the wife of Rey Mshadow when she was met in the Kuningan area, South Jakarta, recently. Dinda Hauw said that at that time he and Rey Mbayang actually wanted to focus on assisting the growth and development of their first child.

“So Rey and I really don’t want to have another child, no one yet planning because I want to focus on Sakha. Second, we have job responsibilities. But at that time, God gave unexpected sustenance,” said Dinda Hauw.

Dinda Hauw and Rey Mbayang. (Seno/1NEWS)

However, Dinda Hauw’s indecision when she found out that she was pregnant again turned into an enthusiastic feeling when she found out that there were two children in her womb. Unfortunately, Dinda and Rey’s happiness only lasted for a short time because the twin fetuses in her womb were declared miscarriages.

“When I heard her heartbeat, Masha Allah, it was like God gave me a feeling of happiness, touched, and delicious,” he explained.

“And when the doctor told the fetus the fetus wasn’t there, I was really sad. I already hear his heartbeat. We lost,” added Dinda Hauw.

Now, not wanting to be lost in sadness, Dinda Hauw admits that he has made it clear that his twin fetuses are gone. She admitted that she was grateful that she had the chance to feel pregnant with twins even though it didn’t last long.

“The name of life should not be dissolved and there must be something we have to face and focus on again. Even though it doesn’t last long, we are still grateful,” he concluded.


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