Extremely Criticized For Uploading Photos With Jungkook BTS, Here’s Jay Park’s Response! | Kpop Chart

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Not long ago, one of the musicians from South Korea who is active in the hip hop field, Jay Park uploaded a photo with a member of BTS, Jungkook.

Through the photo that he shared on Instagram and Twitter, Jay Park conveyed a warm message to Jungkook’s humble nature despite his extraordinary popularity.

Not only did it get positive comments, it turned out that the photo of Jay Park and Jungkook together has received criticism from BTS fans regarding Jay Park’s past tweets.

In addition, the hashtag #jkhostagesituation was also popularized by uploading various fan-edited photos ranging from removing the figure of Jay Park to replacing it with idols and other characters, criticizing Jay Park’s interactions with Jungkook BTS.

In response to all the criticism he received, Jay Park finally sent a new tweet via his personal Twitter, “(I) hope everyone is always safe and healthy. Peace and love to all human beings”, he wrote, followed by icon colorful hearts and a hashtag addressed to her #jkhostagesituation .

What is your opinion on this issue? (1NEWS)

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