Fitri Multipurpose Margarine Presents Quality Halal Margarine

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ACCURATE.CO PT Bina Karya Prima launched the multi-purpose Fitri margarine product, which complements the previously introduced Fitri cooking oil product.

“Fitri is here to provide alternative quality margarine products for Indonesian people, and invites people to see the deeper meaning of halal for everyday life,” said Senior VP Marketing of PT Bina Karya Prima, Aristo Kristandyo, during the launch of Fitri’s versatile margarine product, on Wednesday (20/4/2022).

“Fitri’s product, this versatile margarine, has been validated by the government through a Halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag). Fitri’s versatile margarine has a savory texture and taste so it is very suitable for processing Indonesian food. It’s vitamin A, so apart from Halal and Thoyib,” added Aristo.

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According to Rispo, Fitri’s multipurpose margarine comes in a 200gram package, sold at a price of Rp. 7 thousand.

On the same occasion, Ustadz Maulana said that the meaning of halal in the lives of Indonesian people has existed for a long time. Even the word Halal has been used in the term “Halal Bi Halal”, which has become a habit and tradition of the Indonesian people.

Ustadz Maulana also conveyed other meanings of Halal in the plurality of modern life today, such as Halal in our attitude and also Halal in choosing products which include, selection of halal products in terms of types and raw materials, as well as halal in their use.

As Fitri’s Brand Ambassador, Shireen Sungkar admits that from an early age the Halal Lifestyle has been implemented in her family, especially her children.

“Because, what we eat when we are pregnant, will affect how it will be when we are born, including foods that are not halal,” said Shireen on the same occasion.

As a housewife who also has many activities outside the home, Shireen occasionally brings food and cakes made from her own home for colleagues at work and friends in the neighborhood. Daily halal is interpreted by Shireen as an effort to


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