go viral! Dewi Perssik Called Making Opium Through Her Voice, Netter: My Hero

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

The singer, Dewi Perssik, has no doubts about her singing talent, even for decades the dangdut singer and presenter has graced the screen.

Now, Aldi Taher’s ex-wife is also actively playing social media, one of which is the TikTok application.

Often times, the singer of ‘Hikayat Cinta’ uploads the latest videos on his personal TikTok account.

Recently, Dewi Perssik covered a song called ‘RIP Love’ which is a song sung by a Moroccan-Canadian singer Faouzia.

Apparently, Dewi Perssik mastered and sang the tune of the song ‘RIP Love’ with totality, even though she only wore simple clothes.

Dewi Perssik also included the video upload with the text “SAhurrrr #riplovechallenge” which is possible, Dewi Perssik uploaded the video or recorded the video at dawn.

Through the totality of the song, Dewi Perssik’s video went viral and was watched by millions of views, even being flooded with comments that said Dewi Perssik’s voice was addictive.

“Mummy’s voice is great,” wrote a netizen comment.

“I’m really addicted to the oath of Sis Dewi’s voice,” another netizen commented.

“My hero can hihi” wrote another netizen comment.


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