‘Good Luck!’ Showing off being intimate with Brondong, Kalina Oktarani is now considered happier?!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Kalina Oktarani and Ricky Miraza recently really like to show off their intimacy on social media.

Through his Instagram account, Ricky uploaded his vacation moments with his widow who looked like he was in a restaurant with a very beautiful view.

They look very harmonious and compact wearing plain white clothes while throwing a sweet smile at the camera that Ricky is holding.

“Everything is like a Roller Coaster,” wrote Ricky Miraza in his caption Tuesday (19/4/2022).

Previously, Vicky Prasetyo suspected that the relationship was an extramarital affair because he believed they had been in a relationship even before he divorced Kalina.

Hearing the news that Ricky was behind the rift in his household, Kalina immediately denied it.

“We have a good relationship, but it’s not like what you’re talking about there, like what rumors are circulating,” Kalina said when met on Trans TV.

The upload was immediately attacked by netters, there was also a lot of support for the couple and said that Kalina was happier when she was with Ricky than the gladiator.

“Cute, good luck, bro,” wrote @rif ***.

“It’s very different, Ms. Kalina, when she was clumsy. Now the aura is out. I hope Ms. Kalina is always happy,” commented @dar***.

“A perfect match, hopefully a match,” said the @sup *** account.


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