Hotman Paris Answers Allegations About Sexual Harassment That Made ASPRI Resign, The Bankrupt King: I Made His Name Soar!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea has recently been in the spotlight after one of his personal assistants resigned. Rumors surfaced that the lawyer sexually assaulted Iqlima Kim.

Recently, Hotman Paris Hutapea spoke about allegations of sexual harassment against his former personal assistant, Iqlima Kim. Regarding that, he emphasized that Iqlima Kim never admitted that he had been harassed.

“He never said there was sexual harassment,” said Hotman Paris on the Celebrity Oncam News YouTube account which was uploaded on Wednesday (20/4/2022).

Hotman Paris did not deny that he had asked Iqlima Kim to look sexy while accompanying him to shoot.

“He didn’t mention it (harassment). He only said he was asked to dress sexy for filming but by TV he was asked to be polite. That’s all,” he said.

Furthermore, he reiterated that sexual harassment was not true. In fact, Hotman Paris mentioned the popularity that Iqlima Kim received after this issue was widely reported.


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