How Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw Maintain Household Harmony

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Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw (Seno/

1NEWS – Dinda Hauw dan Ray Mshadow become one of the couples who often envy thanks to the harmony that is built. Even so, they both agreed that what they had been doing so far was not without problems.

For the couple who have been blessed with one child, mutual respect is one of the keys to their harmony. Most importantly, both of them agreed to live the household as worship to God.

“The longer the marriage the bigger the ordeal, so how how to do small things that are considered boring. We try to love each other, there is a pebble part of the trial. The goal is to strengthen each other,” said Ray Mshadow.

Rey Mshadow and Dinda Hauw (Seno/1NEWS)

“The name is that households must cooperate with each other. Because it’s just the two of you, cooperation is to maintain the household to get blessings, worship, love each other, and take care of each other,” Dinda Hauw said later.

Rey Mshadow then said, to solve every problem that exists is none other than surrendering. He said that every marriage is normal to have problems, it’s just a matter of how each party sees the problems that come as a form of God’s test that must be lived sincerely.

“Learn from each other and flow. It’s called a worship marriage, the test is a lifetime of marriage. Yes, we get each other’s pleasure. We always do small things,” concluded Ray Mshadow.


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