If a man has done these 3 things, it’s a sign of having an affair

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1NEWS – No woman wants to be cheated on by the man she loves. However, men who have an affair are a familiar phenomenon.

Women must be sensitive to the slightest changes shown by men.

The things he does can be a sign that he has another dream woman, aka an affair.

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Use the phone secretly

The hallmark of an cheating man is to use his cell phone in secret. If a guy often secretly opens his phone behind your back or when you want to borrow his cell phone, but he always refuses, it means that he is hiding something from you.

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Often lie

When a man has started to be good at lying and keeping things a secret from you, it means that the relationship between the two of you is not okay.

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A harmonious love relationship is open to each other. Meaning, nothing is hidden from your relationship.


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