Involved in the case of Putra Siregar-Rico Valentino, Chandrika Chika is considered to be embarrassing RANS Entertainment

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chandrika chika rans

Chandrika Chika’s name has recently become the attention of netizens on social media. The TikTok celebrity, who was famous for her Papi Chulo video, initially became a byword because of her failed relationship with Tariq Halilintar. In Deddy Corbuzier’s podcast, he said that his relationship with Tariq was never made up of content like when Tariq was with Fuji.

This time, Chika was again in the spotlight because she was accused of being dragged into a beating case involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino. Both of them are currently being held in prison after defending the woman with the initial C, who is suspected of being Chandrika Chika. As talent under the auspices of RANS Entertainment, he was then called humiliating the management belonging to Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina.

Raffi Ahmad was asked to take responsibility because Chandrika Chika was suspected of being the cause of the beating

Raffi Ahmad was asked to take responsibility for Chandrika Chika’s actions | Credit: @chndrika_ via Instagram

Being under the auspices of RANS Entertainment, Raffi Ahmad was then asked to be responsible by netizens because talent It is suspected that he was the cause of the beating. In Raffi Ahmad’s Instagram Story upload, a video was recorded of Chika playing with Rafathar.

“Speak up, donk A Raffi, his talent makes a lot of trouble,” wrote one netizen.

This immediately angered netizens. This is because Chandrika Chika has been silent all this time and has not provided any clarification regarding his involvement in the beating involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino. In fact, Rico and Putra are currently in prison for rescuing him in a cafe.

“Disappointed with @rans.entertainment @raffinagita1717 instead Chika has Chika on her Instagram story. Even though those who are imprisoned have the intention of helping Chika, eh Chika can actually laugh like that,” wrote another netizen.

Responding to polemics involving talent RANS, Raffi Ahmad admitted that he did not know anything. Nagita Slavina’s husband only prays that the problems that befell Chandrika Chika can be resolved soon.

“I don’t know, just pray that the problem will be over soon,” said Raffi Ahmad on the Intense Investigation YouTube account, Tuesday (19/4/2022).

Chika has not provided any clarification regarding the beating involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino

chika son of siregar

Chika has not provided clarification | Credit: @chndrika_ via Instagram

Meanwhile, the police have confirmed the news regarding the CCTV video circulating on social media. The video allegedly shows Chandrika Chika involved in the alleged beating of Rico Valentino and Putra Siregar.

Therefore, the police will also ask for information from Chika as a witness related to the case. But so far, he has not responded to calls from the police. The former Tariq Halilintar has yet to provide clarification regarding the beatings involving Putra Siregar and Rico Valentino.

Chandrika Chika is said to be a woman figure defended by Rico Valentino at a cafe in the Senopati area, South Jakarta on March 2 at around 2.30 WIB. Based on the CCTV video, a video circulated of Rico Valentino arguing with Nuralamsyah, while Putra Siregar tried to mediate. Rico Valentino is said to have defended Chika after complaining to his desk.


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