Kiki Farrell Amazed Seeing Mother’s Attitude When Struggling With Cancer: How Can You Be That Strong

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Kiki Farrell's mother, Dahlia, who had to be treated for a tumor. [Instagram]

Kiky Farrell said that his mother always hides her pain from her baby.

Nur Khotimah

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | 20:16 WIB

1NEWS – Mama Dahlia, mother of Kiki Farrell is still battling cancer. According to her son’s statement, Mama Dahlia’s condition is still not getting better even though she was declared cured in 2017.

Kiki Farel also told her mother’s struggle against the disease in her body. The 35-year-old actor really admires his mother who is so strong through the test.

“Mama is a very strong person,” said Kiki Farrell, when met in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, Tuesday (19/4/2022).

Kiki Farrell then shared a story about Dahlia’s daily life who always tries to hide her sadness in front of her children.

Kiki Farrell’s mother, Dahlia, who had to be treated for a tumor. [Instagram]

Kiki Farrell admits that he has succeeded in providing new enthusiasm for the children and their families.

“So mom doesn’t want to look sad in front of her child. So apart from family, it’s mom herself who makes us children strong,” said Kiki Farrell.

Although on the other hand, Kiki Farrell also admitted that he was surprised that Dahlia could be so tough to face an illness that was getting worse every day.

“In my heart, Mama must have been really broken. But how can that be, parents are that strong,” said the soap opera star Shackles of Two Hearts this.

Not to mention, Dahlia must try to be strong and mentally strengthen her children so they don’t have to be sad to see their mother’s condition.

Kiki Farrell (Instagram)
Kiki Farrell (Instagram)

“She’s the one who got sick, but she’s also the one who tries to make her children strong. Yes, her name is mother, maybe she doesn’t want her child to think about it, her child is sad,” added Kiki Farrell.

As is known, Kiki Farrell’s mother, Dahlia, has been experiencing a decline in her health condition since the last few weeks.

Dahlia was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and was declared cured. But in 2019, the cancer grew again and there was even a tumor covering the urinary tract. (Adiyoga Priyambodo)


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