Liga 1 Targets, Following are the Criteria for the New PSMS Medan Coach Candidates | 1NEWS

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The management of PSMS Medan is preparing and reorganizing the team’s equipment ahead of the 2022 Liga 2 season which is planned to roll, next August.

The riddle of who will be the interpreter of the strategy and tactics of the squad nicknamed the Kinantan Chicken is also still a mystery.

Although the management has pocketed his name and will announce it in the near future.

Regardless of who the figure is, PSMS Manager, Mulyadi Simatupang said, there are several criteria that must be possessed by prospective trainers of Kinantan Chicken.

“We want a coach who has leadership, leadership spirit on and off the field. It doesn’t matter where it comes from and has a Medan character which is famous for its rap-rap characteristics, is fast and hardworking,” said Mulyadi when confirmed by the Medan Tribune, Monday (18/4/2022).

Mulyadi said that he could only announce who the new coach of PSMS Medan would be if he had signed a contract with management.

According to him, the determination of who the coach will be has gone through internal discussions.

“We have discussed it and have consulted. Can not be answered before signing the contract. Be patient, maybe around Thursday,” he said.

It is known, the squad nicknamed the Kinantan Chicken is indeed preparing to navigate the country’s second caste football competition.

Management is still targeting PSMS Medan to be able to win promotion tickets back to Liga 1 Indonesia.

Previously, at the League 2 event last season, Kinantan Chicken was only able to get to the stage of the big 8 round.

At that time PSMS Medan was handled by Ansyari Lubis. (cr12/


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