Make Households Lasting, Here Are 4 Important Agreements That Must Be Negotiated Before Marriage! Number 1 Don’t Miss It!

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1NEWS, Jakarta —

Often some people are busy holding a lavish wedding ceremony, but it turns out that the age of their marriage is only for a short time. Are you sure you don’t want this to happen to you?

In order for a marriage to last, and not seem to be playing games, then there are some important agreements before marriage that you and your partner must discuss. What are they? Let’s look at the types of important agreements before marriage.

1. Agreement on finance

Financial matters if not handled wisely can be the cause of the rift in the marriage relationship, you know. That is why before marriage you and your partner must make an agreement regarding finances.

For example, what expenses are needed later. Including if you or your partner have dependents to pay for the needs of your parents or siblings. From these expenses, you can determine whether the husband will be able to fully cover it later, or whether the wife needs to contribute so that her needs are met.

2. Housing issues

This problem is often very stressful for the wife. He thought that he would just have to rent a contract, it turned out to be under the same roof with his in-laws. This is where a lot of problems usually arise, especially if the in-laws are the very controlling type.

Therefore, try to make an agreement about where to live when you are married. Even if you live with your parents, make sure it’s the result of a mutual agreement, not a one-sided decision.


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