Michael Myers Actor Says ‘Halloween Ends’ Is a ‘Very Surprising’ Ending

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Halloween Ends is arriving later this year, and fans may not see the ending coming.

The final entry into the reboot trilogy of the classic horror franchise, led by Jamie Lee Curtis as she hunts down Michael Myers, is set to hit theaters this October.

Nick Castle, who played Michael Myers since 1978, teased a “surprising” story in the grand finale during a recent convention appearance.
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“I think there might be more because of all the success of [this trilogy], but [director David Gordon Green] will have a very surprising storyline, an ending for everyone,” he said.

“It’s absolutely something I don’t think you would have ever guessed in terms of the way it’s going to unroll.”

“My good friend James Jude Courtney, he’s doing 99% of the work in the last three movies as Michael Myers and doing a wonderful job I think,” he said at Pittsburgh’s Steel City Con.

“I just saw he was over at the editing room where they’re completing the first cut of Halloween Ends with David Gordon Green, of course, as the steward of the ship. It sounds like it should be pretty good.”

He also revealed he has a “little cameo” during Halloween Ends.

Few details have been revealed of the movie, except that the sequel will jump from 2018 to the present day.

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