New Technology for U-16 National Team TC, what is its function?

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“Hopefully there will be more technology for the benefit of national football”

1NEWS – Times are changing. Technology is growing rapidly. Football is no longer foreign to the use of various technologies, from stadiums to the tools used for team training. Meanwhile, Indonesia does not want to be left behind.

The Indonesian U-16 National Team, which is currently undergoing a training camp for April at Madya Stadium, Senayan from April 15, 2022, once again used sport science to conduct the InBody Test which was conducted at the PSSI Medical Center, GBK Arena Jakarta, Tuesday (19/19). / 4) then.

The head coach of the U-16 National Team, Bima Sakti considered the need for his team to do this because it was useful to know several things.

“Entering five days of training camp, we think we need to do this test. InBody allows us coaches and nutritionists to measure body composition and track where weight loss or gain is coming from, in a convenient and timely manner, as well as designing targeted and measurable exercise programs,” explained Bima.

10 Photos of Carli Lloyd, US Women’s Soccer Player who Hat-tricked in the 2015 World Cup Final

Meanwhile, the test program also looks at the amount of protein, fat mass in the body, and even the minerals in the body of a professional footballer. So that it is useful for, for example, regulating the portion of the player’s training to reach a proportional level.

“If there are players whose weight is not ideal or there is too much fat on the body, we will rearrange the right training pattern. So that later the player will get the ideal body shape as a soccer athlete,” he added.

The activity did not last too long, but was effective and after that, the team had to immediately move to the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, to conduct their second internal game.

This training camp is also in preparation for this year’s AFF U-16 Cup and AFC U-17 Cup Qualification. “What is clear is that the AFF U-17 Cup will take place at the end of July, so we have time to form a team,” concluded Legend Indonesian football.

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