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Recently, a viral video has gone viral on social media. In the video, a loud explosion can be heard on the ground. Apparently, a number of police officers are destroying firecrackers that have the potential to endanger residents.

But unfortunately, this step is actually fatal. Dozens of houses were damaged by the explosion of too strong firecrackers. The public also regretted the actions of the police and questioned why they did not take other, safer steps. Here’s more information.

Police confiscate thousands of firecrackers from a resident

Bangkalan Police confiscated about 100 kilograms black powder and 24 thousand types of firecrackers bang bang from a resident in Langkap Village, District, Burneh, Bangkalan Regency, on Thursday (14/04/2022). The firecrackers were confiscated because it was feared that if they exploded, they would have an impact on the houses of residents who were only four kilometers from the perpetrator’s house. According to the police, the longer the firecrackers are stored, the higher their explosive power will be.

Police confiscate firecrackers in Bangkalan [sumber gambar]

Until now, the police are still investigating MM, the owner of the firecrackers confiscated by the police. The Head of Public Relations of the Bangkalan Police, Iptu Sucipto, said that his party was continuing to investigate where the hazardous materials came from. The perpetrators face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Dozens of houses were damaged by the explosion

After consulting with the East Java Regional Police’s gegana team, the police chose the Kodim shooting range on Jalan Captain Syafiri, Bancaran Village, to set off the firecrackers. The location was chosen because it is far from the reach of residents. However, the plan actually harmed the local residents.

Residents’ houses damaged by explosions [sumber gambar]

The firecrackers produced an explosion that was too big to take the crowd by surprise. Reportedly, a resident had to be rushed to the hospital because his heart disease recurred when he heard the explosion. Even as many as 33 houses were damaged, such as collapsed ceilings and broken glass. The Bangkalan Police Chief, AKBP Alith Alarino, said his party was still collecting data on residents who suffered losses. Alith is also willing to take responsibility for the incident.

Police compensation is considered insufficient

The police gave various compensations to the houses of residents who were damaged by the explosion of firecrackers. However, this amount is considered less with the impact of the damage that must be borne by the residents. The reason is not only houses, the walls of a mosque and four classrooms at SMA Negeri 4 Bangkalan were also damaged.

A school damaged by a firecracker explosion [sumber gambar]

One resident named Siti Rohyanah showed the ceiling in the living room and children’s room was broken, but she only received compensation worth Rp. 400 thousand. According to him, the money is not enough because the cost of a handyman per day has reached Rp. 100 thousand. Another victim named Abdul Wahid received compensation of Rp. 2.5 million. The roof and roof of Abdul’s house collapsed due to the explosion. The glass of the house was also shattered by the loud noise.

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Netizens flocked to comment on the police action. Many questioned why the firecrackers were not destroyed in a safer way, such as soaking in water so as not to harm anyone. The incident also provoked comments that the authorities should receive an education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree so that they do not do unreasonable things.

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