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Dress Up According to Islam

Prayers reflect and their meanings also need to be accompanied by the appropriate dress code according to Islam. Dressing up or decorating is one way to look with attention to the element of beauty. Remembering Allah SWT is the Most Beautiful God and loves beauty. The Prophet SAW said, “Verily Allah is beautiful and loves beauty,” (HR. Muslim).

This is why dressing up is not just for the sake of a perfect appearance, but also to clean yourself so that you are always clean in worship. The etiquette for dressing up for women and men according to Islam is as follows:

1. No Israf

Islam forbids to behave israf or excessive in any way, including dressing and dressing.

Dressing up is actually only allowed by Allah SWT, as long as what he does is not excessive. As the word of Allah SWT in Surah Al A’raf verse 31:

اٰدَمَ ا لِّ لُوْا اشْرَبُوْا لَا اۚ اِنَّهٗ لَا الْمُسْرِفِيْنَ

Yaa banii aadama khuzu ziinatakum ‘inda kulli masjidiw wa kulu wasyrabu wa laa tusrifu, innahu laa yuhibbul-musrifiin.

It means:

“O children and grandchildren of Adam! Wear your nice clothes at every (entering) mosque, eat and drink, but don’t overdo it. Indeed, Allah does not like people who are extravagant.”

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