President Jokowi is angry, there is a cooking oil price game

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1NEWS – President Jokowi is again annoyed by the price of cooking oil in the market. In fact, the government has set the highest bulk retail price (HET) at Rp. 14,000.

However, when Jokowi visited a market in East Java, he found that the HET was not in accordance with the government regulation.

“In the market, I see that there is a lot of bulk (cooking) oil that is not in accordance with the HET that we have set. This means that there is indeed a game,” said Jokowi, Wednesday (21/4).

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The former governor of DKI confirmed that the government had made various efforts to overcome the problem of cooking oil through HET and provided subsidies to producers.

However, the president sees the policy has not been running effectively in recent weeks.
Therefore, Jokowi asked the Attorney General’s Office to complete the investigation into the alleged cooking oil mafia case.

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“Yesterday, the Attorney General’s Office has determined how many? The four suspects in the cooking oil affair and I ask for a thorough investigation, so that we can find out who is playing,” said President Jokowi. (ant)

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