Prosecutors Must Check Trade Minister

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1NEWS, Investigators of the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes at the Attorney General’s Office are expected to examine the Minister of Trade, Muhamad Lutfi, regarding corruption in the provision of export facilities for crude palm oil, which causes shortages and increases in cooking oil prices in Indonesia.

“You have to be firm and move quickly, this case must be investigated thoroughly,” said Member of Commission VI DPR Rudi Hartono Bangun in a written statement received by the editors in Jakarta, Wednesday (20/4/2022).

Lutfi must be investigated because of course he knows the policy of granting export permits to CPO companies which, based on the results of the investigation and investigation by the AGO, have strong indications of bribery and gratification.

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The permit was granted by the Director General of Foreign Trade even though it violated the law because the company did not fulfill the obligation to fulfill the domestic demand for cooking oil, Domestic Market Obligation (DMO), and the provision of domestic selling price or Domestic Price Obligation (DPO).

“The Minister of Trade must be investigated because he as the highest leader must know the policies taken by his subordinates,” he added.

He said that so far Commission VI of the House of Representatives has often asked Minister of Religion Lutfi and the ranks of the Director General of the Ministry of Trade regarding the issue of cooking oil scarcity, and the answer is because of the actions of CPO entrepreneurs.

Even Lutfi, as a leader in the ministry that has the authority to grant export approvals to CPO companies, seems to have turned a blind eye.

“If you know about the wrong policy, why does the Minister of Trade keep quiet and pretend he doesn’t know?” said the legislator from the North Sumatra III electoral district.

He also appreciated and assessed that the steps taken by the AGO investigators to designate the Director General of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Trade, Indrasari Wisnu Wardhana as a suspect, were appropriate.

Indrasari Wisnu was named a suspect along with three other people, namely Permata Hijau Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs Stanley MA, General Manager of General Affairs of PT Musim Mas Togar Sitanggang, and Commissioner of PT Wilmar Nabati Indonesia Parulian Tumanggor.

“The AGO’s current step is very appropriate, to unravel the basic problem of cooking oil for the people. Because at the Ministry of Trade all the keys and rogue CPO entrepreneurs are the core of cooking oil scarcity in Indonesia,”

If there are no dirty games from CPO entrepreneurs and officials from the Ministry of Trade, he is sure that the price and stock of cooking oil in the country are under control.

“All this time it was because (the company) flirted with the director general who was arrested. The ranks of the Ministry of Trade and cooking oil entrepreneurs forgot about the people’s stomach,” said Rudi Hartono Bangu.[]


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