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The withdrawal of Madiun Putra FC in the 2019 East Java League 3 competition had a tremendous impact on the development of football in the Madiun area.

How not, the decision to withdraw made the East Java PSSI Asprov Disciplinary Commission take firm steps by punishing the Madiun Putra FC club to be banned from playing for one season of competition and an administrative sanction of IDR 40 million.

Practically since the last competition in 2018, Madiun Putra has been on hiatus for approximately 3 years. This prompted Madiun Putra supporters to create the #SaveMadiunPutra movement.

Various efforts have been made by supporters over the past two years by voicing the hashtag #SaveMadiunPutra,

This is based on the fans’ longing for the Madiun Putra team match. The reason is, the club he loves is suspended and there is no clarity from club management.

Slowly by slowly, the efforts of Madiun Putra supporters will bear fruit. When the financial crisis hit the Madiun Putra FC club, supporters bravely took over the club to be managed independently.

Supporters will pay the entire administrative sanction of the PSSI Asprov Komdis East Java, one of which is by raising funds for the #SaveMadiunPutra donation, all funds collected will be paid to the East Java PSSI Asprov.

“This is the last effort from our friends because we really miss Madiun Putra to compete, besides that we also avoid the next sanctions such as removing Madiun Putra from PSSI membership for not participating in the competition in the last few seasons, so like it or not this season have to enter the competition,” said Rizal, one of the supporters who are members of Madiun Football.

In addition to raising funds, supporters are also trying to collaborate with several football stakeholders both from the Madiun area or from outside Madiun to jointly manage Madiun Putra FC.

“We have been communicating with the Great Bull Boys (one of the elements of Madiun Putra FC supporters) since December 2021, and we appreciate the efforts made by our fellow supporters. And it was our concern for Madiun football that decided we would take part in managing Madiun Putra FC for the 2022 season together with the fans. And regarding administrative sanctions, we from the management side will not remain silent, “explained Unggul Akbar Mustaqqien, representative of the Madiun Putra management.

Even the management of Madiun Putra FC has also coordinated with Asprov PSSI East Java a few days ago.

“After receiving the approval of the East Java Provincial Administration, our initial plan was to immediately finalize the MoU of Cooperation with the MPFC owner. After the new MoU we will hunt for trainers that are in line with the MPFC Vision and Mission. Currently there are several trainers who have applied to join, but the manager is more focused on finalizing the MoU first, “continued Unggul.

The management of Madiun Putra will collaborate with the supporters (GBB and The Mad) to jointly manage MPFC during the competition later. (fiq/ted/Berita Jatim)


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