Rey Bong Deliberately Didn’t Take a Job During Ramadan, Here’s The Reason – Latest Celeb News

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For the past two years, artist Rey Bong has not been able to gather to just break his fast with his family during the month of Ramadan because filming for soap operas is chasing air.

After the soap opera he starred in was finished, this year the 16-year-old man deliberately didn’t take a job during the fasting month so he could be with his family.

“This Ramadan, I’m off work, I just want to feel Ramadan with my family at home,” said Rey Bong when met at Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/4).

Apart from being with his family, Rey Bong also really misses hanging out with his friends. That’s why he felt the decision not to take a job during Ramadan was right.

“I want to feel like normal people during Ramadan. Because I don’t work, I can spend this Ramadan with my family and with my friends. Yes, this year’s Ramadan I feel free,” he said.

Rey Bong will only start working in the entertainment world after Eid Al-Fitr. He admitted that he had a job waiting for him.

“I just happened to be working again after Eid. So just enjoy the holidays during Ramadan,” he concluded.

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