Rey Bong was terrorized by fans after the soap opera From Junior High School ended

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1NEWSRey Bong and Sandrinna Michelle is back with a movie DJS The Movie: Let Me Dance. The film, directed by SinemArt, will premiere on Vidio on April 21, 2022.

Rey Bong, who plays Joko, said he was relieved. “It’s good to finally show this film,” said Rey Bong at CGV Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/4) night.

Relief Rey Bong not without reason. Rey Bong said after soap operas From the Middle School Window ended, he got a lot of questions from fans about the continuation of Joko and Wulan’s story.

Almost every day Rey Bong gets the same question on his personal social media. With the presence DJS The Movie: Let Me DanceRey Bong hopes no more terror to him.

“Because from yesterday until now people have been terrorized, when will it appear again. So yes, this is the answer, cave will appear in this film,” said Rey Bong.

According to Rey Bong, Joko’s character in soap operas is not much different from the film. It’s just that, recognized by film players Si Doel The Movie Therefore, the filming process is a little more serious.

“There must be changes and also treatment-its different. Cave want to show the best, sometimes cave with Sandrinna ask crack let the results be satisfactory,” he explained.


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