Sandrinna Michelle Chooses Vacuum From Entertainment For Education – Latest Celebrity News

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In the near future, the first high school students will take their final school exams. For this reason, Sandrinna Michelle decided to take a temporary hiatus from the entertainment world in order to focus on studying.

“I’m about to take my exams and enter high school. So I want to rest (work) first,” said Sandrinna Michelle when met at Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/4).

In addition, the 15-year-old girl has been busy shooting soap operas for the past two years. Of course, the time to play with friends his age is also lost because of the focus on work.

“The reason I stopped working was because I wanted to enjoy high school first,” he said.

For the decision made by Sandrinna Michelle, she is grateful that her parents fully support her choice.

“My mother knows and she fully supports me to focus on school first in high school. Moreover, I will have an exam soon,” he said.

Sandrinna Michelle admits that she doesn’t know how long she will return to the world of entertainment. But he will also definitely miss working in the entertainment world.

“I don’t know, just wait and see what happens,” concluded Sandrinna Michelle.

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