Seto Nurdiyantoro’s Dream: Bring the Club to Champions League 1 to Train the Indonesian National Team | 1NEWS

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Seto Nurdiyantoro is one of the young coaches whose name has continued to rise in recent years. Seto is often said to have an interesting playing philosophy.

Facing Liga 1 2022/2023, Seto Nurdiyantoro returned to PSS Sleman. He was recently appointed as head coach at the club called the Javanese Eagle.

This will be the second chance for Seto to manage PSS in League 1. Previously, Seto Nurdiyantoro had also been the tactician for the Java Eagle Team in League 1 2019.

To the Accuracy TV YouTube channel, Seto revealed some of the dreams he wants to achieve as a coach. Starting from bringing the club to champion League 1 and being involved in the Indonesian national team.

“I want to reach the highest level, one of which is to bring a League 1 team to win. I also want to be involved in the Indonesian national team,” said Seto Nurdiyantoro.

On that occasion, Seto Nurdiyantoro also talked about his childhood. The time when he first got to know the sport of football.

According to Seto when he was little he didn’t have a dream to become a soccer player. Even so when he was a player. Seto has no dream to continue his career as a coach.

“I have no aspirations to be a football player. Maybe the first hobby, since childhood likes to play ball barefoot. In the past, when asked, my dream was to become an engineer to become a doctor,” he said.

“When I started to go professional, I was there, meaning I was looking for flaws and fixing them. The process is how I became a professional player, I just followed the flow, when I was a player I didn’t even think about becoming a coach. Starting from the courses, they finally continued,” continued the former PSIM Yogyakarta player.

Seto then said the task as a coach was much more difficult than when he was still a player. According to him the coach has a complex task.

He must be able to formulate a strategy that is suitable for his team. Also unites many characters into one so that the main goals of the team can be achieved together.

“If you want to compare, it’s better to be a player than a coach. Being a coach is more complex. The players’ characters are different, it’s difficult to put them together,” explained Seto.


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