Success Stories of Scavenger Children Become Policewomen, Often Mistaken from Rich Families | 1NEWS

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Scavenger mother, truck driver father

However, it seems that the prejudices of people who think that he is the son of a rich person so that he can become a member of the National Police are wrong. Apparently he came from a low-income family.

The mother is a scavenger. He even uploaded a portrait when he was young, as well as his mother who was in a pile of garbage with his friends.

Meanwhile, his father works as a long truck driver. In order to meet the needs, the mother also raises livestock. He also often helps collect bottles every time he comes home from school.

Screenshot© Instagram @abdinegara_indah

“He doesn’t know that Mamak is just a scavenger + raising cattle to educate the four of us. Mr. Long truck driver. After school, he will take care of Pina right away, help clean up the muscles,” he said.

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