Synopsis LOVE STORY THE SERIES SCTV Episode 650 Today Tuesday 20 April 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis LOVE STORY THE SERIES SCTV Episode 650 Today Tuesday 20 April 2022

Ken came to the construction site of the pesantren and he saw that construction had stopped and the workers and foreman were sitting around. Ken asked why. They said people were threatened. Ken asked the residents where.

Anita and Haris in Risma’s car. When this suddenly a police car intercepted and stopped them.. The police said they wanted to take Anita and Haris because they were reported to have kidnapped a baby.

Safira meets Andi. Andi looks polite and he tells Safira he wants to marry Vanesa. Sapphire was shocked. In his heart he was touched by Andi. This is a man who really loves Vanessa.

Haris and Anita were taken to separate cells. Anita panicked and cried, pleading with the police that she was in the same cell as Haris. Harris too, sadly. Haris said they were husband and wife. But the police said men and women were separated.

Ken is still supervising the construction process and at this time Ken is aware that he has entered Asr. Then take the prayer rug in his car and start praying from a distance a bulldozer convoy appears towards Ken.

Ken finished praying surprised, he got up and rushed over. Ken asked one of them, who told you to do it? One of them claimed that they were paid by the boss of the Arga Group..
Meanwhile, Argadana gets a call from the police… Argadana is asked
came to the police station because there was a report related to an attack from
Arga Group to the construction site of the pesantren..
Arga and Maudy arrived at the police station and said that they called
Arga on the report from brother Ken. Arga muttered to Maudy, so Ken
who reported Papa?!!


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