Synopsis of A WIFE’S DIARY SCTV Episode 643 Today April 20, 2022

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1NEWS – Synopsis A WIFE’S DIARY SCTV Episode 643 Today April 20, 2022

Dewa and Nana stepped into the rented house. Even after taking Nana, Dewa said he wanted to go away for a while. Nana wonders where are you going, it’s already night, right? Dewa said he was going to Toni’s house.

Naufal accidentally turned his head and saw Dewa coming out angrily, wanting to leave. Naufal became suspicious. Where is that god going? Golden Skull asked if they needed to follow God? Naufal said no need!

Tony is at home. There was even a knock on the door. It was Friska and Wilson who came. Toni reports to Kevin Friska that he failed. Kevin was furious. Even then God arrived there. Dewa was surprised to see Wilson’s car in front of Toni’s house. Wilson was very surprised to see Dewa. Dewa is annoyed and pulls Toni’s collar. Ask Toni to confess. Wilson is Kevin right?

Coco tapped Fajar’s rent. But no one is open and Fajar’s rent is dark. Coco saw that the car wasn’t there either. Coco was surprised. Where are you, Fajr? Meanwhile, Fajar at his house also sat very sadly. Look around sadly. Fajar still doesn’t want to contact Coco because he’s still disappointed with Coco.

At home, Nana wakes up surprised, whose voice is reciting at night? Did anyone die? Nana was shocked and came closer to see who died and Nana was hysterical when she saw it was God, no way!


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