Synopsis of Today’s Substitute Husband for ANTV

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1NEWS – Synopsis of Today’s Substitute Husband for ANTV

Tonight, the soap opera Husband of Substitute which is broadcast at 21.00 WIB has entered its 50th episode. To celebrate this, players such as Laura Theux (Ariana), Rifky Balwell (Saka), Ben Joshua (Galvin), and Rachquel Nesia (Celine), held a thanksgiving and also broadcast via live instagram on the @veronapictures account.

Told in tonight’s episode, Ariana is still curious about Saka’s background and doesn’t believe it after all the lies she knows. Another day, when the pavilion is empty, Celine finds out what secrets might be hidden there.

Celine accidentally drops the medicine box and finds Febri’s letter under the bed. Celine finally finds out that Saka is Febri’s foster child.

Saka gets news from Dita that Febri is critical, Saka feels devastated and confused. Shortly after, the nurse came out and conveyed the news that Febri had died. Saka is angry at home. His eyes are red, his face is red with revenge but Ariana is not home, Saka is frantic and destroys all the food that Ariana has prepared.

Ariana went to Kusuma’s house. Kusuma said that the company went bankrupt and everything would start from scratch. Ariana is upset and then angry with Kusuma, Ariana believes karma is in effect and everyone will be affected. Ariana returns to her house and is shocked to see everything destroyed.

Ariana sees her photo being torn apart and gets scared. Ariana ran and screamed hysterically, almost getting hit by Galvin and Riri’s car which happened to be passing by. Galvin was shocked and furious that someone had intended to terrorize Ariana.

What will happen to Ariana and what will Saka do in the face of Febri’s death? Watch the sequel on Substitute Husbands, every Monday to Sunday at 19.30 WIB on ANTV.


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