The Comments Column on YouTube is a Place for the World’s Absurd People. Here’s the proof!

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As one of the largest social media platforms for uploading various things in the form of photos and videos, YouTube has many users spread across all countries in the world. Likewise, Indonesian people are basically a society whose lives are closely related to the internet. Through YouTube, we can find various kinds of unique, interesting, informative, and entertaining video content.

It’s no wonder that YouTube is also being used as a learning medium, especially during a pandemic. However, the name is also social media, YouTube also has features like in general. One of them is the comments column, a place where we can find the responses of people with super absurd behavior. Starting from venting, gasping, unconnected comments, to merchandise promotions. Do not believe? Here’s the proof~

1. Surprised too! If you look at it at a glance, it really looks like Mamah Dedeh

Mamah Dedeh / credit: Twitter txtdryutube

2. If in the end you just want to talk, why do you have to explain the price of all kinds? By the way, my condolences, just be patient!

Confession / credit: Instagram jokes.receh

3. So if you are a child, don’t be so stubborn! Do you know if there is a UFO flying in the house?

UFO flying / credit: Twitter txtdryutube

4. I’ve been struggling to maintain my bangs for years, but I still end up looking like Sasuke

Kevin aka Sasuke / Credit: Twitter txtdryutub

5. Wait a minute, what do you mean by this comment? Do you think Abanda Herman, Maman Abdurahman, Bambang Pamungkas, or who?

Kaka AC Milan / Credit: Twitter txtdryutub

6. Actually, I wanted to say that, but I didn’t have the heart. Luckily, I realized myself and confessed in the comments column :’)

Self-aware / credit: twitter txtdryutube

7. When people are sad, it’s usually because they watch a touching video, but apparently because they don’t understand what it means, they also make them sad

Sad / Credit: Twitter

8. People who believe that there are UFOs in Gresik seem to believe that Hitler died in Grobogan too

A tricky issue / Credit: Twitter txtdryutub

9. Everywhere if the person whose name is rem, his eyes must be closed. If you brake, but it’s wide open, it means you’re in a trance!

Researching Ariel’s activities / Credit: Twitter txtdryutub

10. Warganet if you spill the same frustration content creator nyindirnya using this subtle way. Read this, Raditya Dika!

Follow emotions / Credit: Instagram

11. Only Indonesians seem to have strange requests like this. Don’t understand what it is like, if the demit doesn’t need to be invited to come alone?

Strange request / Credit: Instagram

Regardless of how absurd the behavior of YouTube netizens in the comments column is, through this one platform we can learn many things. Starting from how to make cool presentations, manage finances, grow crops, tips for success, sales tricks on line to be in demand, general knowledge, to all kinds can be found easily on YouTube. In fact, there are many people whose rupiah coffers are obtained because they are diligent in making content on this platform.

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