The Key to Disguising Textured Acne from MUA Hepi David | 1NEWS

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Tricks to Disguise Acne with the Right Concealer

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Makeup Artist (MUA), Hepi David gave the trick in Wardah’s press conference ‘Beauty Moves You’ some time ago. “The pimple that appears will still be visible. If it’s flat, you can still use dark concealer and overwrite it with a foundation that matches your skin color,” he said.

If you have textured pimples, you can use a brown concealer or another dark color to disguise the texture. When the pimple has completely closed, wait for a while.

Then, spread the concealer on the edge of the pimple so that it blends in with the skin color. After that, slowly cover the concealer with skin-colored foundation to even out your skin tone.

You can use your fingers if you want to more easily control and evenly distribute the makeup product that is applied around the pimple. Then, gently blend the setting powder around the pimple to prevent oxidation when makeup is used for long events. (mut)

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