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1NEWS/ Most Mysterious Treasure in Indonesia Named Flor de la Mar

The Portuguese naval fleet explored the archipelago much earlier than the Dutch fleet. One of his important fleets was the great ship Flor de la Mar. Flor de la Mar means flower of the sea. This ship was the largest and best in the oceans of its time.
This 400-ton ship was completed in Lisbon in 1502. Her maiden voyage was from Lisbon to India, with Estevao da Gama as the captain. He is the cousin of the legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. This ship had leaked in the waters of Mozambique, Africa and had to rest for two months in Mozambique.

Flor de la Nova participated in the Portuguese group led by Afonso de Albuquerque in the conquest of Goa (India) and Malacca in 1511. Although his condition had not been so good since Mozambique. As a large ship, the Flor de la Mar became the main ship escorted by small ships. The company arrived at the end of 1511 in Malacca.

In Malacca, Albuquerque, annoyed with Sultan Mahmud for delaying the release of the captured Portuguese fleet, mobilized his battle fleet to destroy the power of Sultan Mahmud until his kingdom was abandoned. The Sultan’s vast wealth was confiscated.

Late in 1511, the Flor de la Mar was loaded with 60 tons of gold. Albuquerque as the highest captain of the group ordered an immediate lift from Malacca to deposit the loot to the Portuguese. The Flor de la Mar and its accompanying ships left Malacca.

However, a storm stopped Flor de la Mar who was sailing in the waters of Pedir, Pidie area, West Aceh. The ship finally sank.

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