Tiara Andini’s song Promise of Faith went viral in an instant

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Tiara Andini (Seno/tabloidstar.com)

1NEWS – Following the success of 2 new songs Tiara Andini “Being Dia” and “Feeling Beautiful” this time Tiara Andini released the third single entitled “Promise Setia” which was also taken from Tiara Andini’s debut album.

The song “Promise Faithful” also went viral with many video content that touches the heart using the song.

“Promise of Faith” tells the story of someone who tries to keep his promise even though the distance separates him from his beloved lover, he misses his lover without turning his back on the others.

This song was composed by Asta Andoko, Ramadhan Handy and also Tiara Andini. Involvement Tiara Andini the writing of this song makes a qualified collaboration so that it creates a very touching song.

“Promise of Faith” debuts on Spotify chart Top 200 Indonesia and immediately became the “Highest New Entry” on the charts on March 29, 2022. This success follows the success of Tiara’s two previous new songs, namely “Being Dia” and “Feeling Beautiful” which were also taken from Tiara Andini’s album.

Tiara Andini (Seno/tabloidstar.com)

Single “Promise Faithful” is also equipped with a lyric video that will air on April 7, 2022 on Tiara Andini’s Vevo/ Youtube account. The lyric video “Promise Setia” features animation made by Indonesian illustrators, namely Ivy Yunita and Ravi Manthovani as Motion Graphers.

The lyrics of the video “Promise Faithful” currently have more than 1.3 million views and managed to occupy the position trending top 10 on YouTube.

In addition, Tiara Andini’s followers on Spotify currently reach more than 1 million followers and more than 3 million Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

Tiara Andini released her debut album on December 17, 2021, which contains a total of eight songs consisting of three new songs and five songs hits.

On the debut album Tiara Andini This is a talent search dropout Indonesian Idol it attracts several musicians and creators hits well-known names are Yovie Widianto, Laleilmanino, Asta RAN, Handy Soulvibe, Vidi Aldiano, to one of his duet friends, Arsy Widianto.

A total of these eight songs, five of which are songs hits which was previously released entitled; “Gemintang My Heart”, “I’m Sorry #TerlanjurMencinta”, “365”, “Face Both”, and “Prove It”.

Meanwhile, the three new songs are entitled: “Being Him”, “Feeling Beautiful”, and “Promise Faithful”. Following the previous songs, these three new songs also went viral and hits and even the song “Merasa Indah” managed to occupy the #1 position on all Digital Platform platforms. An extraordinary achievement.


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