Tiger Attacked Employees in Banjarnegara, Here’s the Chronology

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The employee was attacked by a tiger

An employee was attacked by a tiger while on duty at the Banjarnegara Wildlife Park, Central Java. It is known that the employee with the bad luck had an incident while on routine duty. The following is a chronology of the unfortunate incident.

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Timeline of Employees Attacked by a Tiger

Illustration of a tiger (source: pexel)

Reported from Kompas.com, The 35-year-old employee has been working as an animal nurse since 2018. Director of the Banjarnegara Wildlife Park, Lulut Yekti Adi, explained that the incident of an employee being attacked by a tiger occurred on Sunday (17/4).

“The incident occurred on Sunday (17/4/2022) at around 14.30 WIB,” said Lulut.

Furthermore, Lulut explained that initially the employee carried out routine tasks, namely feeding, putting animals into cages, and cleaning cages. The routine work he usually does alone. However, while on duty, suddenly a fellow animal nurse heard the victim’s screams.

“The victim has fed and brought the animal from the cage” display to the sleeping cage. Next the victim wants to clean the cage displaysaid Lulut.

When the victim’s partner went to the scene, the victim’s body was seen being pulled by a tiger into the cage displays. Seeing this incident, the victim’s colleague immediately evacuated the victim and took him to the Emergency Installation (IGD) of the Banjarnegara Regional General Hospital (RSUD). Unfortunately, when he arrived at the hospital, the victim was declared dead.

In his statement, Lulut explained that the exact chronology was unknown because the victim was working alone. However, there was a bite wound on the neck and a claw wound on the victim’s back. He also explained that there was no indication that the victim was eaten by a tiger, because there were no missing organs in the victim’s body.

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Tips When Visiting the Zoo with Children

The employee was attacked by a tiger

Illustration of a tiger (source: pexel)

This incident of an employee being pounced on by a tiger might make Parents worried about taking the child to the zoo. However, don’t worry, we will provide some safe tips that can help you Parents do it when visiting the zoo with your baby, as reported by Parents Circle following.

  • If Parents visit by driving a private vehicle inside a zoo, such as Taman Safari, do not play music in the car.
  • Never feed the animals because the zoo forbids it. Animals have their own food and zoo authorities are better suited to take care of it.
  • Don’t do some dangerous things, like put your hands in the cage. Keep a safe distance from animal cages. Use binoculars if you want to get a closer look. Avoid using sticks selfie because it can cause Parents careless at the zoo.
  • Pay attention to the child’s needs and moods. If the child is tired or hungry, immediately give the food that may have been prepared in the lunch or look for the nearest zoo canteen.
  • When consuming any food or drink, pay attention to its cleanliness. Do not litter.
  • Remember not to intimidate animals by mimicking, throwing things, yelling or seeking attention at them. Animals can sense when they are teased and that can lead to aggressive behavior from them.
  • Don’t let the child part with Parents. Always watch his movements.
  • While a trip to the zoo can be a lot of fun, you can also turn it into a learning experience. Consider visiting the library or information center within the zoo so your child can learn the ins and outs of animals better.

That’s the news about the chronology of employees being attacked by tigers and some safe tips for children when visiting the zoo. Immediately schedule a vacation or weekend with the family at the zoo, Parents.

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