To be commended, Sandrinna Michelle emptied the filming schedule for this

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Sandrinna Michelle (Ari/

1NEWSSandrinna Michelle decided to clear the shooting schedule for some time in order to focus on education. The decision of soap opera stars From the Middle School Window This deserves a thumbs up, considering that not a few young artists are actually willing to sacrifice their schooling to pursue a career.

Sandrinna Michelle said that in the near future he will face a graduation exam before entering high school. He wanted to have more time to study to get the best results.

“I’m about to take my exams and enter high school. So I want to rest (work) first,” said Sandrinna Michelle, CGV Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/4).

Sandrinna Michelle (Ari/1NEWS)

In recent years, Sandrinna Michelle has spent a lot of time on set. According to him, now is the right time to take a break from work.

Sandrinna Michelle’s decision was fully supported by her parents. “Mama know and he fully supports me to focus on school first in high school. Moreover, I will have an exam soon,” he explained.

So far, Sandrinna Michelle not yet know when he will return to the set. “Don’t know yet. Wait just later how. live just first,” he concluded.


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