Tsamara Amany’s contract with PSI ends? Observer: Not True

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1NEWS – Democratic Party politician Andi Arief suspects Tsamara Amany’s exit from PSI because his contract has expired.

Regarding this matter, the Executive Director of the Indonesian Survey Flow (ASI) Ali Rif’an assessed that Andi Arief’s words were not true.

According to Ali, the accusation is not true, because Tsamara clearly loves PSI.

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“It’s not true. So, Tsamara has loved PSI since he joined,” said Ali to 1NEWS, Wednesday (20/4).

Ali saw the PSI strategy behind Tsamara’s exit.

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Because Tsamara could return to PSI when he was done traveling outside of politics.

“I think PSI has a strategy for Tsamara to focus on other things outside of politics. So, if it’s finished, Tsamara might be able to return,” he explained.

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In addition, Ali said, Tsamara was still young enough to be able to develop in the world of Indonesian politics.


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