Upload a Photo with Yabes Tanuri, M. Toha Officially Joining Bali United? | 1NEWS

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The former wing-back and captain of Persita Tangerang, M. Toha, is confirmed to be in Bali United’s uniform next season. The news spread after Toha leaked his move to Bali United by uploading a photo with the CEO of Bali United, Yabes Tanuri, on his personal Instagram account.

He uploaded it on Wednesday (20/4/2022) morning. Toha took a photo with Yabes at one of the hotels that is most likely on the Island of the Gods. Even though Bali United’s official social media account has not announced the purchase of a single player.

In his upload, Toha looks happy with his decision to choose Bali United next season. “Finally I have determined where the future direction of my career,” he said.

Toha is projected as a right-back to replace Dias Angga Putra who left for Dewa United. He has entered as a core player for the Cisadane Swordsman in the BRI Liga 1 2021/2022.

When trying to confirm further, the Bali United Management still has not provided any comments. Including Bali United Coach Stefano Cugurra Teco and M. Toha himself.

Meanwhile, M. Ridho Djazulie, is also one of the other players who are quite often discussed by Bali United supporters. They began to argue whether it is true that the goalkeeper from Pekalongan will join Bali United.

The answer, most likely M. Ridho Djazulie will be close to Bali United. The announcement of him as a new player will also be revealed this week. Not only him, but also several other new players will be announced this week.

All made waiting by Bali United Management. Only Bali United Management through their official social media accounts has the right to announce information about new players first.

M. Ridho, who tried to be asked about the truth of his joining to Bali United, still did not want to answer clearly. What is clear, the former goalkeeper of Borneo FC and Madura United is still reluctant to respond to the news.

“Do you know where the info came from? We’ll see how it develops later,” explained Ridho Djazulie.


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