Video of Flight Attendant Haru’s Last Flight, ‘I Don’t Want To Go’ | 1NEWS

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“I don’t want to go,” said the flight attendant.

Dream – Farewell is indeed a sad time. Anytime it can happen, including in work. There are times when we have to end it and move on to the next life journey.

Like an emotional farewell that comes an airline flight attendant IndiGo, India. Her name is Surabhi Nair, this beautiful flight attendant greets passengers by making a speech for her last flight.

The video of his breakup went viral after it was shared on Instagram by one of the passengers, who is also a singer and radio jockeyAmrutha Suresh.

In the video recording, how sad the farewell was with tears from Surabhi. “I don’t want to go,” said Surabhi in a trembling voice.

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Surabhi Nair, a woman clad in a navy uniform, not to mention the trademark hat of a flight attendant, can no longer wear her proud uniform. He had to end the moment.

“I never thought this day would come,” said Surabhi.

surabhi nair© (Photo: Instagram @amruthasuresh)

The world of aviation seemed very meaningful to him, he could not speak the words. Until I don’t know what to say.

“This is like a piece of my heart…” said Surabhi who was holding back tears. “I don’t know what to say,” he continued.

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In front of the passengers who are now witnesses to his life history, Surabhi thanked the company operating in India.

surabhi nair© (Photo: Instagram @amruthasuresh)

“This company has given me everything, it’s an amazing organization to work with,” said Surabhi.

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Surabhi added that his company is the ‘best’ because they take good care of each of their employees.

Especially the female flight attendant who was very pampered. At the end of the video, he also thanked the passengers.

“It’s amazing… It feels like I don’t want to go but have to go,” said Surabhi.


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