Viral Nikita Mirzani Throws Food, Here’s the Explanation

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Viral Nikita Mirzani Throws Food, Here's the Clarification

Netizens were shocked by a video showing artist Nikita Mirzani throwing food. Nikita was seen wearing a blue shirt and buying food from a merchant in red. Unexpectedly, Nikita then threw the food up.

Allegedly Is One of the Shooting Scenes


Reported from Celebrities, on the Instagram video @lambegosiip Nikita is in the process of shooting.

There was the voice of the director directing, “One two action. Mother for a moment, this is it.”

This mother of three children then made a scene as if buying food from a merchant mother.

Unexpectedly, after paying some money Nikita Mirzani threw the food into the air.

Triggering the Anger of Netizens

Viral Nikita Mirzani Throws Food, Here's the Clarification


Netizens immediately gave negative reactions regarding the emergence of the video.

Many complained that Nikita Mirzani’s attitude in the video was not in accordance with applicable ethics.

Netizens even expressed their surprise when they found out that Nikita did something they felt was inappropriate.

Some netizens urge not to make a fuss about this because it will make Nikita more popular.

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Nikita Mirzani Clarification About Throwing Food

Nikita Mirzani Throws Food

YouTube/NikitaMirzani Fans

Immediately, Nikitamirzani’s YouTube fans uploaded a clarification video adapted from Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram Live.

In her Instagram Live, Nikita seems to be in the middle of a process make-up for filming.

Nikita said that he was on the island of Madura, East Java, for 5 days.

To her fans, the Jakarta-born actress asked what gossip was going on on social media.

One fan later explained that Nikita Mirzani was throwing food and it went viral.

“Yesterday, Niki threw the food,” said the comment, as read by one of Nikita Mirzani’s crew.

Suddenly the comment was responded to by laughter from the other crew.

He explained that it was just filming.

“You guys don’t believe in pictures that are cut into pieces. It was a coincidence that he was traveling with his friends, he happened to be joking with his friends, and then the food… How was the atmosphere of joking with his friends? Yes, it’s a joke,” he said.

One of the other crew members also replied, “That’s not even a seller’s mother, what kind of seller is that… Extra… Her co-star, I see.”

Nikita Mirzani’s crew asked netizens not to immediately believe the photos circulating on the internet.

“You guys like to watch videos and pictures that are cut into pieces… We acting, that’s his co-star, honey. Don’t be fooled by these videos. It’s okay, thanks for asking.”

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Nikita Explains the Chronology of Food Throwing

Nikita Mirzani Throws Food

YouTube/NikitaMirzani Fans

Nikita seemed to be questioning the issues that were circulating. The crew also explained about the excitement of the video.

In the clarification video, Nikita then explained that the food was caught, not stepped on.

“Oooh.. the one that was thrown up? It was caught, not injected,” explained the woman who is often called Nyai.

“Did anyone ask, huh?”

When she was told that she was being talked about, Nikita responded, “So what if I throw cilok? … If the cilok is thrown, it will be caught, not injected or thrown away.”

The Crew Asks Warganet to Ask More Frequently Directly

Viral Nikita Mirzani Throws Food, Here's the Clarification


At the end of the video, one of the crew asked netizens not to easily believe the different photos and always ask the person concerned directly.

“Next time, if there’s anything, it’s better if you ask first.”


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