What is the Night of Lailatul Qodar and when does it come? Here’s the explanation | 1NEWS

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Understanding the Night of Lailatul Qodar

Second Meaning

Qodar means glory. Where the night of lailatul qodar is a very noble night and there is no comparison. It is considered noble because that night was chosen as the time for the revelation of the Al-Quran which is a way of life for Muslims

Even the word qodar which means noble is found in the word of Allah SWT through the letter Al-An’am verse 91 below:


It means: They do not glorify God as they should when they say, “God has not revealed anything to people.” Say (Muhammad), “Who sent down the Book (Torah) which Moses brought as a light and guidance for mankind, you made it into pieces of paper which were scattered, you showed (some of it) and much of it you concealed, even though it was taught. to you what neither you nor your fathers knew.” Say, “It is Allah (who sent it down),” then (after that), let them play around in their error..” (Surat al-An’am: 91).

Third Meaning

Qodar has a narrow meaning. Where on the night of lailatul qodar is a narrow night because many angels descend to earth. This is emphasized in the letter Al-Qodar verse 4 below:


It means: On that night the angels and the Spirit (Gabriel) descended with the permission of his Lord to manage all affairs.” (Surat al-Qodar: 4).

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