Who will be on the STY Preferred List at the SEA Games?

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1NEWS, The 2021 SEA Games Hanoi is drawing near and the Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae-yong (STY) will start working on selecting the squad.

The South Korean coach is said to have only brought 20 players who will compete in the biggest sporting event in Southeast Asia which will be held in May.

That means, Shin Tae-yong will drop nine players from the 29 players who were called up to the training camp. One player has been dropped, namely Ramai Rumakiek for not responding to an invitation from PSSI.

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Then Elkan Baggott, Pratama Arhan and Saddil Ramdani most likely failed to join because they did not get permission from the club.

Meanwhile, one of the four senior players called by TC also had to be crossed out by Shin Tae-yong. The reason is, the SEA Games only allows contestants to register three senior players or over the age of 23 years.

Here INDOSPORT has summarized the predictions of 20 Indonesian U-23 national team players who will be brought to the SEA Games:


For the goalkeeper sector, the South Korean coach will of course choose two players who already have famous names, namely Muhamad Riyandi and Ernando Ari.

To prevent the risk of injury, Shin Tae-yong is likely to include Muhammad Adisatryo as the third goalkeeper.

Muhammad Adisatryo deserved to be chosen because he had performed well in several matches with Persik Kediri in the Liga 1 competition for the 2021-2022 season yesterday.

Back Line

For the back line, Rizky Ridho and Alfeandra Dewangga who have experience in the 2020 AFF Cup are also very worthy to enter the SEA Games squad as central defenders.

They will be led by Fachruddin Aryanto who is a senior player. The Madura United defender has regained the trust of Shin Tae-yong, after previously being able to maintain the back line of the U-23 Indonesian national team in the AFF Cup.

In the right-back sector, it is clear that Shin Tae-yong will bring his golden boy who plays in South Korea, namely Asnawi Mangkualam. Then Bagas Kaffa will be the coating.

In the left-back sector, the absence of Pratama Arham makes Firza Andika likely to be the first choice. If he suffers an injury or card accumulation during the SEA Games, Rizky Ridho can also be pulled to the left.


The Indonesian U-23 national team has abundant players in the midfield. Shin Tae-yong is predicted to bring two senior players, namely Marc Klok and Ricky Kambuaya.

In addition, there is the name Rachmat Irianto who played well in the AFF Cup in December 2021. Then Syahrian Abhimanyu is confirmed to be a coating for the defensive midfielder position.

In the attacking midfield sector, Shin Tae-yong is expected to bring in Marselino Ferdinand from the U-19 squad and Persija young star, Braif Fatari.

Front Line

For the front lines, Garuda fans just received good news after two players who had careers in Europe, namely Egy Maulana Vikri and Witan Sulaeman were able to join.

The two players can exchange positions in the right and left wing attacking sectors. Witan Sulaeman became the most reliable player after appearing fertile with the Slovak club, FK Senica.

The existence of two European players to fill the wing sector makes Irfan Jaya certainly not included in the slot for the three senior players.

Then as a coating for Egy and Witan, Shin Tae-yong is predicted to bring his golden child in the U-19 squad, namely Ronaldo Kwateh and Pesis Solo’s beloved player, Irfan Jauhari.

Meanwhile, for the spearhead position, Hanis Saghara can be a mainstay. He played quite well with Arema FC in Liga 1 even though he was only able to score two goals in 14 matches.[]

Goalkeepers: 1. Muhamad Riyandi 2. Ernando Ari 3. Muhammad Adisatryo

Back Line 4. Rizky Ridho 5. Alfeandra Dewangga 6. Fachruddin Aryanto 7. Asnawi Mangkualam 8. Firza Andika 9. Bagas Kaffa Midfield 10. Marc Klok 11. Ricky Kambuaya 12. Rachmat Irianto 13. Syahrian Abimanyu 14. Marselino Ferdinan 15. Braif Fatari

Front Line 16. Witan Sulaeman 17. Egy Maulana Vikri 18. Irfan Jauhari 19. Hanis Saghara 20. Ronaldo Kwateh.


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