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Wow, Juventus got bad news from Emerson Palmieri

Juventus can bite the finger, Emerson Palmieri hopes Lyon can make him permanent in the summer.

Crazy Ball – Juventus is unlikely to be able to sign Emerson Palmieri this summer. The Italian player is more interested in staying at Lyon.

After being ignored by Thomas Tuchel, the player was loaned to Lyon by Chelsea in the summer of 2021. In the agreement Palmieri was on loan for a season and there was an option to buy. This means, after the 2021/2022 competition is over, if Les Gones doesn’t want to keep him, he will have to return to Stamford Bridge.

On the other hand, Emerson Palmieri is a player that Juventus is interested in. The Italian League giants are interested in using his services. They will even try to bring him back from Chelsea.

But the hope of Juventus using his serve is difficult. The reason is, the 27-year-old footballer is not interested in continuing his career with the Italian League giants. Palmieri also hopes that Lyon can renew his contract after this season is complete.

Talk to Foot Mercato, Emerson Palmieri says he is very happy to be at Lyon. He explained that at the French club there were different factors and he said the decision was not in his hands alone.

Juventus’ shot says the French League competition has six games to go and after that he will have an answer for everyone. But what is clear is that he feels at home in Lyon.

While the Italian League giants have strong reasons to want to bring in the player who plays the left-back position. Because, Alex Sandro and Luca Pellegrini have not been so satisfying. Thus, Massimiliano Allegri wants Emerson Palmieri to be brought to Turin.

The player may want to keep playing at Lyon, but Les Gones will surely find obstacles to make him permanent. The reason is, Chelsea is believed to not be selling him cheaply in the summer.

It will be interesting to wait whether Emerson Palmieri will be made permanent by Lyon or Juventus who have managed to secure his signature.

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