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beritabali/ist/20 Victims of GSI Bodong Investments Visit Bali Police.

A total of 20 victims of PT Goldkoin Sevalon Internasional (GSI) fraudulent investment visited the Bali Police Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT), on Thursday, April 21, 2022.
This was after the sealing of the GSI Office on Jalan Nangka Selatan Number 66A, North Denpasar, by the Denpasar Police and the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

They came to consult and at the same time question their reports regarding Dumas/280/IV/2022/SPKT/Polda Bali Public Complaints dated April 8, 2022. Dozens of victims came to the Bali Police accompanied by Attorney I Wayan Mudita SH.

“These 20 victims represent 86 other victims who have coordinated and made a statement,” Mudita explained, on Thursday, April 21, 2022.

Wayan Mudita said there were five legal subjects they reported. Of which, four are legal entities, namely one PT Goldkoin Sevalon Internasional, PT Bali Token Global Internasional, PT Segara Internasional Development, and the Sevalon International Goldkoin Family Consumer Cooperative.

“One person is a legal subject, namely Rizki Adam as the owner of the company. PT GSI has been declared a fraud by the OJK Investment Alert,” he explained.

Wayan Mudita again explained that his party on March 31, 2022 had sent a subpoena but so far there has been no response. So that on April 8, 2022, they will submit a report to the Bali Police SPKT. However, along with reporting, there are other groups of victims who have reported them to the Denpasar Police.

“So the Police were the first to seal the place with the police line,” he said.

He also detailed the loss of the 86 victims at approximately 4 billion. With a loss of between Rp. 10 million to Rp. 100 million.

“For Bali alone there are around 3,500 members with a total loss of Rp. 77 billion,” he said.

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