3 Years of Swallowing Bitter Fate Facing Incess? Reino Barack Opens-Not Exposing Syahrini’s Disgrace During Marriage: I Never Get…

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1NEWS, Bogor —

After officially getting married, singer Syahrini’s household life with Reino Barack has never been separated from the public spotlight. Moreover, controversy arose because their second marriage seemed sudden, the woman who was close to Incess was accused of snatching Reino from Luna Maya.

As a result, Syahrini is still associated with Reino’s ex-lover. Until now, he is still the subject of gossip, even compared to Luna Maya, who had a 5-year relationship with Reino.

At the age of marriage, which has just entered the 3rd year, Reino Barack suddenly opened up about his wife’s disgrace while undergoing a household together. Apparently, the Something singer was very disciplined about timing which made him go into shock.

Not only that, Syahrini also kept asking for company, even though at that time Reino was busy with a myriad of activities.

“For Syahrini’s shortage, eating must be on time. Get up early, eat on time, have lunch in the middle of the day, must be on time. It’s okay, just married asking for company. Even though maybe I am also busy,” said Reino Barack.

“But it’s not a bad habit either, it just needs adaptation,” he continued.

But on the other hand Reino tried to understand the character of his wife and did not make it a problem. According to him, Syahrini is a gentle woman and very kind. That became one of the things that attracted him.

“But it’s not a bad habit either, it just needs adaptation,” he continued.

“In my 34 years of life, I have never had this feeling. I want to be with him forever,” explained Reino Barack, looking at Syahrini’s face.


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