5 Tips for Choosing Baby Equipment Ala Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni

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tips for choosing Irish Bella-style baby gear

Irish Bella artist is now waiting for the birth of her baby. In this pregnancy, Irish is known to be carrying a baby girl. For Irish and her husband, Ammar Zoni, waiting for the birth of their daughter is a happy time. Therefore, this husband and wife are very concerned about the baby equipment that will be used later. What are the tips for choosing Irish Bella-style baby gear? Check out the reviews, Mother!

5 Tips for Choosing Baby Equipment Ala Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni

Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni at the MOOIMOM Store Launching event, AEON Mall, Tuesday (19/4).

In an event Launch MOOIMOM Store at AEON Mall BSD City, Tuesday (19/4) Irish Bella briefly told how she and Ammar chose the equipment for their baby-to-be.

Even though Irish is now only 20 weeks pregnant, the 25-year-old woman has already started paying for the equipment for her baby. Some Irish baby equipment is too much outworn from when baby Water Rumi was born.

One that has been worn since her first pregnancy is pregnancy leggings.

“All the necessities of pregnancy, from childbirth, breastfeeding, even rich in tools” baby everything is prepared. I’ve been using the product since I was pregnant. Water is rich maternity leggings. When I was pregnant with my twins, I also wore the corset until I was pregnant baby Water,” said Irish Bella.

Here are some tips for choosing Irish Bella-style baby gear.

1. Easy and Convenient for Mother and Baby to Use

The main thing that concerns Irish and Ammar when choosing baby gear is that it is easy and comfortable to use. Because baby products are easy and comfortable, they will usually be used continuously.

“Choose a product that prioritizes the convenience and comfort of the mother and the baby,” said Irish.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the ingredients

Usually equipment that is easy and comfortable to use will have premium quality materials, aka not cans. It’s also important for Parents View the ingredients of the selected product. Because if the material is good, the service life will be long.

“So, the materials used are of premium quality, but the price is affordable. Sometimes, as mothers, we want to save money, but suddenly it turns out to be a waste of money, because the things we buy are damaged quickly. For example, buying cheap breastfeeding tools, but in fact the quality is not good, it turns yellow and is not hygienic, so you have to buy more,” said Irish.

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3. Choose Practical Equipment

Both Irish and Ammar Zoni agreed to choose equipment that was practical for use and travel. The aim is none other than that Parents not difficult and hassle. Practical items will usually also save more space, because usually the design will be more minimalist.

4. According to the needs of mother and baby

No less important is choosing equipment that suits the needs of both mother and baby. Because there are so many parents who buy a lot of things, but they don’t really need them.

“So, choose goods whose quality is guaranteed and which makes it easy. Also choose what suits the needs of mothers and children,” said Ammar Zoni.

5. Choose the right equipment Sustainable

Equipment that sustainable meaning that it can be used as long as possible. So that when the younger brother is born, it can be reused. This can also minimize budget shopping for baby needs.

“Make sure the item will be sustainable, can be used for a long time, and can be comfortable for the child as well as the mother and father,” said Irish Bella.

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Recommendations for Necessary and Not-Required Baby Supplies

anti-waste newborn baby supplies

The five tips expressed by Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni above of course can Parents make reference. Besides that, Parents also need to take into account budget for baby supplies. Preferably, adjust budget with the equipment you really need.

Parents You also need to know what baby gear you should have and what you shouldn’t have.

Goods to Have

Some items are expensive, but can ensure the comfort and safety of the baby. In addition, these items are indeed needed by him, namely:

  • car seat
  • baby stroller
  • baby carrier
  • breast pump
  • Baby mattress that meets safety standards
  • baby bouncer
  • Feeding pillow or breastfeeding pillow
  • nursing apron

Items Not Really Necessary

Don’t get me wrong, most of these items are great to have, but is it really necessary? Not always. If Parents trying to save space and money, some of these items aren’t really necessary yet:

  • baby crib
  • Bottle sterilizer
  • Changing table
  • Bassinet baby
  • bottle warmers

If if Parents own budget more to buy the above equipment, no problem to buy it.

Those are some tips for choosing baby equipment a la Irish Bella and Ammar Zoni. May be useful!


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