5 Types of the Most Expensive Dates in the World, Have You Ever Tried?

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The World's Most Expensive Dates Barhi Dates

Dates are one of the fruits that are usually consumed at the time of breaking the fast. Dates have a very diverse type. The characteristics of each type of date also vary. From yellow, brown and even black. Have you ever thought, what are the most expensive dates in the world?

5 Types of the Most Expensive Dates in the World

Reporting from Gulf News, Engineer Salah Abdullah Al Mousa, Acting Director, Agricultural Research at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment revealed there are several reasons why dates can have a high price.

One reason is that it is expensive and takes a long time to plant. This reason applies to the following 5 types of the most expensive dates in the world.

1. Barhi Dates

Source: Kabarmatakita

Barhi dates have a different color from other dates. The color of these dates is yellow. The taste of these dates is not the same as other dates, because the sweetness of Barhi dates is not too strong. The best Barhi dates are in Basra, Iraq.

2. Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates The Most Expensive Dates in the World

Source: Kabarmatakita

According to the Abu Dhabi Farmers Service Center (ADFSC), Medjool dates are one of the most expensive dates in the world. Medjool dates have a sweet taste with a level of sweetness like caramel.

The texture of Medjool dates is soft and chewy. Medjool dates are high in calcium and iron. The price per kilo of Medjool dates is around Rp. 391,000 in the local market.

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3. Ajwa Dates

The most expensive dates in the world Ajwa dates

Source: Kabarmatakita

Ajwa dates are called prophet dates because these dates are the dates that were first cultivated by the Prophet Muhammad. These dates have a sweet taste and a very soft texture.

The color of these dates is dark brown, tending to black. The price per kilogram of Ajwa dates is Rp. 387,275.

4. Amber Dates

Amber Dates The Most Expensive Dates in the World

Source: kurma_dates.com

Amber dates are very famous dates in Saudi Arabia. Dates are also very popular among tourists. If you want to buy one kilogram of Amber dates, you need to prepare Rp. 387,275.

5. Sukkari Dates

Sukkari Dates The Most Expensive Dates in the World

Source: idetik.win

Sukkari dates come from the word “sukkur” which in Arabic means sugar. Sukkari dates have a crunchy and sweet texture.

The color of Sukkari dates is golden yellow with a round shape. Usually people eat these dates directly. However, some people make Sukkari dates as toppings cereals, bread fillings or juices.

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Tips for Choosing Good Dates for Iftar

Choosing good dates is not difficult. However, you need to be careful when you choose it. Here are some tips for choosing good dates for breaking the fast.

1. Pay attention to the packaging of the Date Wrap

Pay attention to the packaging of the Date Wrap


The first thing you can immediately notice when choosing a good date is the packaging of the date pack. Try to buy dates with packaging that is not dusty.

Because, if there is dust on the packaging, it can be suspected that the dates have been stored for too long so they are no longer fresh.

2. Careful in Seeing the Condition of Dates When Buying

The most expensive dates in the world

source of Bukalapak

You have to be careful when buying dates. Try to pay attention to the texture, shape and color of the dates you want to buy. Dates with good quality usually have smoother skin.

The epidermis is still intact. If the epidermis has been opened then the dates are not the best quality dates.

3. Don’t Choose Sticky Dates

Don't Choose Sticky Dates

Source: indiamart.com

Try not to choose sticky dates. Dates with good quality do not need to be added sugar or honey to get a sweet and legit taste when consumed. You should avoid dates with a sticky texture.

4. Choose Dates with Brown or Yellow Colors

Choose Dates with Brown and Yellow Colors

Source: hardrockfm

If you see that there are dates with a reddish color, that is a sign that the dates are not of good quality. In addition to the reddish color, there are also dates that tend to be black.

Dates like that are usually not the best quality, because that’s a sign that the dates have been stored for quite a long time. Choose dates with brown and yellowish colors. This color indicates fresh dates.

5. Good Quality Dates have a Big Shape

Good Quality Dates have a Big Shape

Source: Peanut Butter Fingers

In choosing dates, you can try to choose dates that are large in shape. Dates with small forms are usually dates that have shrunk due to storage that has been long enough. Small dates are certainly not fresh.

Thus information about the 5 most expensive types of dates in the world and tips for choosing the best quality dates. Are you curious to try which are the most expensive dates?

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