6 Kartini and Emancipation Themed Films, Remind Women’s Fighting Spirit

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Kartini themed movies

Happy Kartini’s Day! The struggle of the female hero who seeks to promote equality for women is usually commemorated every April 21 every year. There are many ways to celebrate it, one of which is by watching a Kartini-themed film.

Here are some film titles inspired by the life story of RA Kartini or with the theme of emancipation and the fighting spirit of the hero. This can also be an exciting spectacle on the weekends with family, right? Parents.

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6 Movies with the Theme of Kartini and Women’s Emancipation that are Fun to Watch

1. Love Letter to Kartini (2016)

Source: Instagram @chicco.jerikho

This is a historical fiction film by Azhar Kinoi Lubi. Tells the story of a postman named Sarwadi (Chicco Jerikho), a widower with one child who recently moved from Semarang to Jepara.

On his first day of work, Sarwadi has to deliver a letter to Kartini (Rania Putrisari). Kartini’s beauty finally made Sarwadi fall in love.

This feeling grew stronger after knowing Kartini’s determination to fight for education for everyone, especially women.

Then, how the continuation of their story? is happy ending? Watch this Kartini-themed film directly on Netflix.

2. Kartini (2017)

Kartini themed movies

Source: Instagram @menonton.id

The film, starring Dian Sastrowardoyo as Kartini, was directed by Hanung Bramantyo. Told in the era of the 1900s, when Indonesia was still colonized by the Dutch, women were not allowed to get a higher education.

So, women of aristocratic descent in Java at that time only had one goal, namely to become the wife of a man from a noble family.

However, it is different from Kartini who does not agree because she has different views. He didn’t want only men to be free to get an education.

With this strong determination, together with her two sisters, Roekmini (Acha Septriasa) and Kardinah (Ayushita), Kartini fought for equality and education for women and the poor.

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3. Women with Turbans (2009), including Kartini-themed films

Celebrate Kartini Day, Watch These 6 Kartini-themed Films and Women's Emancipation, Come on!

Again directed by Hanung, this is an old film that tells the story of women who sacrifice and fight for something.

Starring Revalina S. Temat, “Perempuan Berkalung Turban” tells the story of Annisa, a child of a kiai who lives in an Islamic boarding school. She is said to have become a mother and wife.

Even though she lives in a pesantren, Annisa thinks that Islam only defends men while the position of women is very weak and unbalanced. He finally decided to move and file a protest even though many were against it.

Although it had received criticism, but this is touted as one of the best films from Hanung.

4. Sokola Jungle (2013)

sokola jungle

Source: Instagram @menonton.id

This Kartini-themed film is based on a book entitled ‘Sokola Rimba’ by Butet Manurung. This is a film directed by Riri Riza, which tells the story of a woman’s struggle to provide education to people who live in the forest.

It is said that the indigenous people of the interior in Jambi are trying to survive in the middle of a forest that is not as dense as it used to be. They are governed by binding agreements, though never know what the contents of the agreement are because no one can read.

Then came Butet Manurung, a volunteer who was determined to make the jungle community smarter so they wouldn’t be easily fooled.

The trick is to teach how to read and count. However, the struggle is quite difficult because the people there consider education to be taboo and violate customs.

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5. 3 Heroine (2016), Kartini Themed Film in the World of Sports

3 heroines

Source: Instagram @boxofficemovie

This film is based on the story of the struggle of three female athletes who became legends in Indonesia. Directed by Iman Brotoseno, “3 Srikandi” stars well-known actors and actresses such as Reza Rahadian, Tara Basro, Chelsea Islan, and Bunga Citra Lestari.

Set in 1988 during the Seoul Olympics. Narrated Nur Fitriyana Saiman, Lilies Handayani, and Kusuma Wardhani at that time became the first Indonesian female archer athletes to win medals in the Olympics. All three have a coach named Donald Pandiangan.

Unexpectedly, in addition to the struggle to become an athlete and win a medal at the Olympics, these athletes have serious enough problems that cause them to be trapped and almost can’t take part in the Olympics.

6. The Latest Kartini-themed Film is Yuni (2021)


Source: IMDb

Not only has it received praise from many filmmakers and film lovers, but this film has also won awards at the Toronto International Film Festival in the Platform Prize category and Best Feature Film at the Maya Awards.

Directed by Kamila Andini, this film tells the story of a teenage girl named Yuni who has a great desire to go to college. However, he is shackled by the dogma of society which requires him to get married immediately.

Not wanting to follow other people’s wishes, Yuni refuses proposals from two men. This earned him a negative stigma from those around him who believed that a woman who refused three times a proposal would never marry.

Yuni’s struggles, who remain brave to stick to her stance to achieve her dreams, can be a lesson for how Kartini in the modern era struggles. If interested in this film, Parents can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar starting April 21, 2022.


Those are some of the Kartini-themed films that have been made by the best Indonesian filmmakers. Hopefully by watching this film, RA Kartini’s fighting spirit can continue to burn in Indonesian women, yes.

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